Tankerton FC – COVID-19 Return to Training
Parental Consent Form

Following FA advice, players can resume training and matches.
Tankerton F.C. committee have put in place guidelines and procedures to ensure players can return in a safe environment.
Players chose to return at their own discretion. It is not mandatory. Similarly, it is up to individual manager/coaches if they wish to resume.
All players resuming must understand the FA guidelines and comply with the Tankerton FC rules.
Covid-19 Training/Match Rules
  • Training may not be on the usual day or time due to the need to keep small groups and accommodate all teams in a safe environment.
  • If players or their close family have Covid-19 symptoms they must self-isolate at home and NOT return to or attend.
  • If a player feels ill during training or a game, they must immediately stop and return home.
  • If a player becomes ill with Covid-19 symptoms AFTER attending, the team manager/coach must be informed. Players must not return for at least 14 days. Players must follow government track, trace and test advice.
  • Players will not be permitted to train or play in matches unless this consent form has been completed. There will be no exceptions
  • Coaches will keep an attendance register.
  • There will be a maximum of 30 (Players plus coaches)at each session.
  • Players should wash their hands with soap and water before attending and MUST use the club provided hand-sanitizer before commencing training or playing in a match.
  • Players who are unable to use hand-sanitizer must make the club aware and make their own arrangements
  • Players should arrive in their football kit, there will be no changing rooms open.
  • Players should bring their own drinks bottle, and this must not be shared with anyone
  • Players will leave their bottle and any jackets/personal belongings at their designated cone, which will be set out by the manager/coach prior to players arriving. Personal cones will be set out at 2m intervals
  • Parents of children up to and including u13's (based on season 2020/2021) must stay for the duration of the session and must remain in the designated parent area observing the governments social distancing rules.
  • Parents of children u14's and above (based on season 2020/2021) are not required to stay for the duration of the session. If they choose to stay, they must remain in the designated parent area observing the governments social distancing rules.
  • If a player is injured during a training session or match, the players parent (if present) will be required to attend to their child and not the coach/manager in the first instance.
  • if the player requires first aid treatment the parent cant provide, the first aid would be administered by the coach/manager with full PPE which will be supplied by the club.
  • If a player is injured during a training session or match and the players parent is not present, the coach/manager will attend to the player with full PPE which will be supplied by the club.
  • Parents and players should note that the toilets at Seaview on weekdays until further notice. They will be open at weekends.
  • The FA have issued specific guidance regarding playing matches. These have been communicated to all Tankerton FC coaches and players will be advised and reminded of these before every game. 
  • Parents and players should be aware that these rules may change over time following Government or FA advice. The team manager will make you aware of any changes to the rules.
Whilst the manager/coach will remind the players of the training rules before each training session begins the club feels that It is very important that parents discuss and remind their children of the social distancing requirements, especially for the younger age groups. Whilst we want to make training as fun as possible, we must follow the rules for everyone’s safety.
I have read the rules and would like my child to return to training  
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