2019/20 SEASON

By completing this form I agree that as a player for Tankerton FC I confirm I have read a copy of the Club’s Constitution. I have also read the Player’s Code of Conduct and that this has been explained to me. I understand what they mean and I agree to adhere to them to the best of my ability.

All codes of conduct are available on the clubs website www.tankertonfc.co.uk – otherwise ask your Team Coach for a copy.


Please ensure both parents /guardians/registered carers read and complete this form to agree to these consents and declarations. If you do not wish to accept any of the terms please speak with your Team Coach.

By completing this form I agree that as a parent/carer of a player for Tankerton FC I confirm I have read a copy of the Club’s Constitution and the Parents Code of Conduct and that our family agrees to adhere to them to the best of our ability. Codes of Conduct and the Club’s Constitution are available on the website www.tankertonfc.co.uk or ask the Team Coach.

Photograph Consent
By completing this form I/we hereby give my/our consent to allow photographs of our son/daughter to be taken and used for promoting the Club.

Data Protection
By completing this form I/we hereby give my/our consent for Tankerton FC to collect and retain on file information contained on this form. All information will be dealt with in accordance with (GDPR) data protection legislation and as stated in the clubs privacy policy. The information will not be shared with any third parties.

By completing this form I/we hereby give my/our consent to any medical treatment and/or administration of medicines by a qualified doctor as may be required in an emergency when I/we are not present at training or a game.

ANNUAL DONATIONS (subscriptions)
Annual Donations (subscriptions) are set each year at committee for the following season.
As the club is run on entirely voluntary basis it relies on these annual funds to survive. The payments you make to the club are used toward providing equipment for the players, such as goals, nets, training cones, bibs, trophies, first aid equipment, and pitch/site maintenance such as line marking, grass cutting. The payments also contribute to league membership and county FA affiliation, as well as training all our coaches to fulfil their roles as required by the FA. The club also pays for CRB (DBS) checking all involved with the club, referee fees and any necessary council pitch hire for matches when required. Your payments also cover our insurance costs and the cost of hire of our training facilities at CCW and St Edmunds School.
The Annual Donation for the 2019/20 season is £200.00.
A discount of £20.00 is available for those who choose to pay by standing order or by a one off payment at the very start of the season meaning the annual donation is £180.00.
For parents with more than one child at the club a 50% reduction is available to any subsequent siblings. Please pay the full amount for your eldest child and the reduced amount for any other children at the club.
To assist the club’s treasurer in tracking your payment if you are paying by standing order or BACS please set up a separate payment for each child.
*Please indicate on the form below which way you wish to pay your annual donations
* indicates required
For example, an Inhaler. If you don't have any special medication requirements, please type 'NONE'.
If you are currently out of work for any reason, please just type 'NONE'.
For example, Penicillin or Nuts. If you don't have any allergies, please type 'NONE'.
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